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Feb 11, 2024
In Study Room
Whle doing my homework for the next session, I noticed something I'd never noticed before: key signatures are shown at the beginning of every measure, but tempo indications are not. In this somnata, Beethoven switches tempo back and forth, but we have to remember which tempo we are in. Anyone know why? Also, I am reluctant to get into what may be more a performance item than a compositional one, but a question about that fabulous measure #10 (and is there any other measure in music that has more notes in it?). We have a plethora of note values in the RH: an extended eigth, a few 16ths, two individual 32nds plus a group of 6, two groups of 64ths (a six and a seven) and then the final run of, what, 128ths? Do concert pianists really try to assign all these precise values? My er can't tell much difference.
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