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Chopin Society of Atlanta is offering this free program

WOJCIECH BOŃKOWSKI: “CHOPIN IN PRIVATE” - Live Zoom Presentation, November 8, 5 PM

Join us for the first virtual event of season 2020/2021 Wojciech Bońkowski: Chopin in Private One-hour live Zoom presentation in English  Sunday, November 8, 5 PM The event is free of charge and appropriate for all ages

REGISTER Deadline: November 5 Please register to receive a Zoom viewing link on November 6.

Wojciech Bońkowski holds a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Warsaw for his dissertation on the 19th-century editions of the works of Chopin.  He is Poland’s leading wine specialist and writer on the subject and is the author of the bestselling book, Chopin Gourmet, which includes menus, recipes and restaurant customs, as well as fashions from Chopin’s times. The presentation will cover Chopin’s everyday life, his Parisian apartments, meals, drinks and more. "It can be said with little exaggeration that Chopin's only gastronomic passion was hot chocolate. He makes numerous mentions of it, including in a letter to his sister in 1847: 'My chocolate comes from Bordeaux where it is specially prepared for me, without flavoring, in the house of the cousin of one of my devoted pupils who feeds me on this chocolate.' All the composer's hosts in France and Britain in 1848 duly supplied him with a compulsory cup." - Wojciech Bońkowski, Chopin Gourmet  Chopin Society of Atlanta | 10700 State Bridge Rd, Suite 12, Johns Creek, GA 30022

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