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The Audience loved our performance! 

Second Annual Spivey Hall Concert 
on September 15, 2019

On this Sunday afternoon, the Georgia Musicale Group, gave a splendid recital at Spivey Hall, Clayton State University.  Asa Williams opened the program with a powerful performance of Rachmaninoff’s “Prelude, Op, 3, No.4”.   The beautiful Brahms “Rhapsody Op. 79, No.2” followed and was skillfully played by Kimber Kwiatkowski.  Abbie Hattauer Dreamed a Dream for us with her lovely vocal solo.  A “Rhapsody” by Mary Leaf was played gracefully with such convincing expression by Judy Manganiello.  Another vocal solo by Robin Engleman, “Elegy”, clearly conveyed the sadness of the one whose love is lost.  Utako Tanigawa’s stunning performance concluded the first half of the program with Chopin’s “Nocturne Op. 27, No.2” and Beethoven’s “Sonata Op. 53” “Waldstein”.  


The second half of the program began with Debussy’s “Jardins sous la pluie, Estampes”.  Shoko Tanaka elegantly played this lovely composition.  The “Premier Rhapsody” for Clarinet and piano by Debussy followed.  Leanne Manning, accompanied by Shoko Tanaka gave a superb performance.   Nico Brett played an outstanding “La campanella” from Grandes Etudes de Paganini, S141. Dawn Delangin Hawk performed with such poise and grace as she played Rachmaninoff’s “Prelude in D major, Op. 23 No.4”.   Pam Martin and Kristi Helfen are a dynamic duo on the piano.  With 4 hands they skillfully played  Dvorak’s “Silent Woods and Troubled Times” from the Bohemian Forest. Our vocalists performed in costume this time.  Robin Engleman gave a wonderful performance of “Non so piu cosa son”.   A charming, “Chacun a Son Gout” was the grand finale for our concert, sung by Abbie Hattauer.


Bravo performers, you were all outstanding. Our lovely audience thoroughly enjoyed the program.  Thank you to all at Spivey Hall and Clayton State University who assisted us in making this concert a success. We also extend a thank you to the Director of Spivey Hall, Mr. Christopher Tollak and Dr. Michiko Otaki, Professor of Music, Clayton State University.  We also want to thank Dr. Utako Tanigawa, Founder and President of Georgia Musicale Group for her organization and direction of this event.  We also would like to express our sincere appreciation to Julie Woodall who served as MC for the concert, and other GMG members; Pam Martin, Krist Helfen, Annette Russo, Asa Williams, and others who have worked behind the scenes preparing and running this concert. 


Respectfully submitted by: Annette Russo

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