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  • What is a Musicale?
    A Musicale is a friendly, supportive, informal music gathering that is the core activity of the organization. Its purposes are to help performers gain confidence performing in front of a live audience, return to music performance after a break of many years, share progress in learning or composing a new piece, or prepare for a competition.
  • What is the difference between a Musicale and Concert?
    A Musicale is a shared informal practice session for performing pieces at any stage of learning. A Concert is a more formal event for polished pieces that have been played one or more times in Musicales. The public is welcome at both, other than Home Musicales which are for members only. We advertise Concerts to the public.
  • How do I sign up to perform in a Musicale?
    Members at all levels of membership are eligible but must sign up by logging into the Members page of the GMG website Priority of performance time may be subject to membership level, GMG volunteer activities, and requested time spans for performance.
  • How do I apply to perform in a Concert or Master Class?
    Membership at one of the Patron levels and prior performance of the same music at one or more Musicales is required for performing at a Concert or Master Class. Prospective performers must apply by logging into the Members page of the GMG website Priority of performance time per Concert will be allotted based on Patron level, GMG volunteer activities, and requested time spans for performance. GMG asks every Concert performer to provide a photo and brief biography for use in printed programs. Performance in a Concert at Spivey Hall or Carnegie Hall requires, in addition, payment of fees due to the expense of renting these prime facilities.
  • Can members come to the Musicales and Concerts to just listen; do they have to sign up?
    We highly encourage members to come and enjoy the Musicales and Concerts whether or not they are performing, but request that even non-performing attendees sign up as listeners.
  • If I sign up to play in a Musicale, is it okay if I decide at the last moment not to play?"
    That's perfectly okay, but please let the organizer know your change of plans right away. It is also okay to change pieces as long as the substitute piece is no longer than the one you signed up for. ​
  • What is the difference between Home Musicales and other Musicales?
    Each month, one of the members hosts a members-only Home Musicale which includes a nice lunch after the music performances. As our houses vary in size, we sometimes limit the number of participants.
  • May I bring a guest to Musicales and Home Musicales?
    Absolutely, but you must sign up the guest. If you want to bring a guest to a Home Musicale, you need to obtain permission from the Home Musicale host because physical space may be limited. Guests are restricted to listeners.
  • What additional benefits do Patron level memberships provide above and beyond a Basic membership?
    A Basic membership at $20/year is the minimum requirement for Musicale performers. Patron level memberships starting at $100/year additionally qualify members to perform at most Concerts, Workshops, and President Salons. Level of membership helps determine priority for performance time at Musicales and Concerts, and priority for participating in Master Classes. More information about GMG membership levels and benefits are listed on this website.
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