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Unforgettable memory with Mr. Cliburn

Story: I participated the Cliburn Amateur Competition 2011 without knowing anything about it. I just started playing again and I still have no idea why I was selected. It was so obvious that I was not be qualified. I was so intimidated and about to withdraw from it. Then Dr. Tamas Ungar who was/is a world famous teacher/pianist, and our advisory committee member encouraged me and gave me lessons every day for a week to prepare for the competition so that I could be on the stage.

I met Mr. Cliburn at the ceremony. He was so nice. You see the president was burst out laughing by watching us because he was hugging me for a long time!

Next day, we happened to meet him again at a famous restaurant. After chatting for an hour, he treated us full course French dinner! We truly enjoyed talking about him, music, pianists, and more and more.

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