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First off - I'm an Atlanta native, and have lived in the area almost all of my life. I grew up in a weird part of Buckhead in an industrial area where my father had his wrought iron shop- it was an island of nature inside an ever-growing bustle of city, now I'm also in a nature haven up in Cherokee County. I've always been torn between my interests in music, art, and dance, but I chose music as my major in college. That pursuit didn't lead to a very fruitful career, so, although I did work in music for many years, I also worked in computer technology and business. I segued into video arts, photography, and animation under the influence of my husband, Richard. So today, I guess in semi-retirement, I am teaching a few students, and honing my skills so that I can produce classical music videos - including music, art, dance, photography, video, and animation. Very Disney "Fantasia". Richard (guitar/violin/mandolin/songwriter) and I also are working toward performing and eventually hosting home concerts. I also have a bucket list of "pieces-to-play-before-I-die", so I am thrilled to find a group like GMG where I feel supported in this endeavor.

Carol Andrus Wazlavek

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