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The "Scarlatti" Challenge

On a few of the past Musicales, members have suggested that we each learn a new Scarlatti piece to play on upcoming musicales. Let's make it official - who's up for the challenge?

I'm going to work on a Sonata that I studied at GSU with the wonderful Julia Black - I totally bombed it when I performed it on that God-awful kit someone had donated years ago. They have a beautiful Dowd last I knew. Anyway, dibs on Sonata XIII K.96 Longo 465 in D Major. If I get my harpsichord worked on between now and then I'll play it on hpsi as well as piano.

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Ruth Purcell
Ruth Purcell
Sep 18, 2020

Dibs on Scarlatti Sonata Longo #268 in D Major!

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