Need help identifying choral piece

When I gave last week's lecture/demo on which folk tale I "hear" in the 2nd Chopin Ballade, I featured an animated film called "Switez". I hope some of you followed up on that and viewed the film. If you did, could you please help me figure out what the "fleeing townspeople" are singing as they run from the marauding solidiers? It took me forever to figure out the text - they are singing, in Russian, "Vos po me pomeluis", which I think translates to "have mercy on us". The film doesn't credit the song. The weird thing is, I KNOW I've sung this before, I can remember how difficult it was to enunciate that phrase, and I can almost see the director's face drilling us. It's driving me crazy trying to think what it is - Is it Rachmaninoff?

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