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Musician Resume

Nico is thinking of approaching a local restaurant about playing dinner music. They have two pianos because they have dueling pianos shows on the weekends (unfortunately they're digital pianos -- boo.) Anyway, I've written a lot of resumes but I have no idea what is appropriate for a musician. Of course he'll write a cover letter making his case and selling himself, and will try to meet the manager in person. But what does a musician put on a resume? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Kelly, my computer keeps eating my posts, I had written a lengthy post before. Include in his resume' things that reflect he is reliable (above all else), polite, cordial, professional, and good under pressure. Be prepared to switch requests with something prepared, and ALWAYS be prepared to play Happy Birthday, and something for an anniversary, at any given moment. In the interview, ask whether they want quiet background music or showstoppers, and play your audition accordingly.


James Baskerville
James Baskerville
May 25, 2020

I've found out that resumes need to be short and to the point. Express your desire to play there, and emphasize the wide variety or types of music that you are proficient in playing. But the most important part of a musician's resume, is the demo! Include either a USB stick or a CD/DVD with samples of your repertoire. Not complete songs, but samples. Also, be sure to ask if you can stop by on an off night and provide a few minutes of entertainment to let them actually hear you (because this is the bottom line). Most managers will jump at that because it's an opportunity to get a little bit of free entertainment, possibly attract customers on …


Kelly, in addition, and foremost, discuss this with Nico’s teacher first. You wouldn’t want for Nico to injure himself playing showstoppers for a nearly 2 hr set, or to divert his attention from more prestigious endeavors. If you are pursuing experience, approach some churches about featuring Nico at an occasional service.


I'm definitely not a good one to advise, but how about list of his concerts, masterclass, and other performances.

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