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Is this for the birds?

I am listening to an interview from the Institute of Sacred Arts of St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary in New York. David Rothenburg, philosopher/clarinetist/composer, shares his thoughts about some of his work involving performing with creatures of the natural world (and then later composing also adding electronic sounds). It is quite interesting and I am sure there are many of you who would enjoy listening to it!

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Carol Andrus Wazlavek
Carol Andrus Wazlavek
01 de mar. de 2021

Thanks for posting this Ruth - it was quite lovely. My house finches have returned and are singing up a storm. They only graced us with their presence 2 years ago, and now their progeny return and nest around the house as well. Not tidy housekeepers, though... I don't think American Nightingales have much of a lovely voice - comments on Youtube: "nature's cutest machine gun"; "25 years back I was having a toy gun with lights and different sounds... This bird sounds like that."; ""Sing sweet nightingale" from Cinderella is either a joke, or the writers had never heard a nightingale and had no idea it is essentially a chirping ray gun"

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