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Googling Clara Schumann...

I wanted to find out a little more about Clara Schumann in order to enjoy last week's presentation...and down the rabbit hole I go!

First off, this recently created production came across my facebook feed, so I looked at it first.

"Haunting Clara"

I found it difficult to understand without closed captions! But that's just me? And I was surprised by the content, and didn't know whether this was historically accurate, historically factual, or entirely a creative fairy tale. So then I started Googling...

First I found a movie from 1947 with Katherine Hepburn..."Composer Robert Schumann struggles to compose his symphonies while his loving wife Clara offers her support. Also helping the Schumanns is their lifelong friend, composer Johannes Brahms."

I found a few clips on Youtube of "Song of Love" -intriguing, just enough to give me incentive to try to access the movie through IMDb (still waiting to see how that works out). I'm sure I've seen it before, but it warrants another studious review!

And still exploring on Youtube, found these:

Clara Schumann's life

Schumann and Brahms...and Clara

1 hour movie about Brahms - "But for Women" - this was more factual I think

Classical Nerd postings - I like his series

I'm sure there's lots more, I just had to halt my research to tend to day-to-day tediums.

The 19th century was so rich with composers with their lives all intertwined - I'd love to see a timeline, including their locations, to see where they might have intersected, how their compositions influenced each other, etc. Another day, though...


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Dear Carol, Thanks so much for the links. I want to learn about Clara Schumann a lot more. I will visit each site.

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