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GMG Online Recital Guide is now available!

At one of our first Zoom meetings I was supposed to report on recording options for our first Online Recital, May 27th. It didn't much happen. For some reason, I wasn't able to share my screen and thus the information I had, so....I decided to write it up into a guide. It turned into quite a research project, and, I admit, it's not exactly an easy read! I learned a lot myself, I hope you will, too. Even at this point, I'm not sure I got everything correct, so I welcome your feedback...and corrections. I'm pretty used to using my digital workstation to record, so I'm not as familiar with the other kinds of gear that are out there. Many of you are looking to embrace recording acoustically especially now, with Covid limiting our interaction , and are looking to make some purchases. Please join in on the discussion, make your recommendations, discuss what didn't work, and what you hope will work!

*** This isn't working at this moment*** The Guide is published in the Knowledge Library.

The guide is added to the Blog section as a .pdf file that you can download or view.

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