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I'm fairly new to the group, Monique, I don't know you, but can empathize with your situation. I seem to collect various injuries, a few hand injuries included. I hope you are healing well, just take it easy and don't complicate your injury with a new one!

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I just finished reading the new book (2024) "Music and Mind: Harnessing the Arts for Health and Wellness" edited by Renée Fleming, the famous opera singer. At 558 pages, it is a bit long on anecdotal

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The saga of old hand injuries continues: I woke up yesterday with serious pain in my right hand, specifically along my pointer finger from the upper tip all the way almost to my wrist, especially over my knuckle. The most painful part seemed to be right over the knuckle - where I had recently burned myself and suffered a nasty burn - but I couldn't imagine that being the source of the pain. I went through all the things I had done the day before to figure out what was the source of the pain - yardwork including shoveling, planting, flinging sticks off my woodland paths (it's my go-to therapy), teaching piano, and...probably the culprit - slacking off on Facebook.…

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