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Acapella App

Just discovered a great app for phone and PC called Acapella. It allows up to 9 musicians to

collaborate together and make a video. I heard two pianists in different cities play a musical

piece for two pianos while a couple in yet another city danced! The quality was amazing.

Imagine a violinist accompanied by a piano, or a piano duet. This would be great for a virtual

recital. They are doing it at Peabody Conservatory this summer for their virtual recital.

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James Baskerville
James Baskerville
Jul 15, 2020

That might be interesting Carol. RIght now I write the bass lines and drum beats in my pc and then have it accompany me via midi.


James, regarding the a cappella app - it might be interesting to do. The quality would be the same as the quality each member has to record or video themselves. These are recordings that are "married together", so everyone has to have the same established tempo. I guess you could call them collaborative recordings? I could make an upright bass line for one of your jazz pieces...?


James Baskerville
James Baskerville
Jul 13, 2020

Just say your recording on Acapella, Karen. It was outstanding. the audio quality as well as the video was fantastic. Not to mention the great musicianship!


Unknown member
Jul 10, 2020

Hey, I actually recorded a song there a month ago. Here is the link.

Great is Thy Faithfulness


Great information. I'll look into it. Thanks, Jimmy.

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