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25th ANNUAL INTENSIVE TRAINING WORKSHOP in Well-Coordinated, Injury-Preventive Piano and Organ Tec

The Lister-Sink Foundation invites you to the

25th ANNUAL INTENSIVE TRAINING WORKSHOP in Well-Coordinated, Injury-Preventive Piano and Organ Technique JUNE 7-12, 2021 - 10am -5pm EDT VIRTUAL via Zoom

“It was a fabulous week just the way it was all set up with other musicians, some of them in the same boat [injured], or others just wanting to further their own technical capacity.” Interview quote from Lister-Sink dissertation “A Study of Students’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of an Interdisciplinary Method for Teaching Injury-Preventive Piano Technique,” Columbia University, 2015.

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Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink, internationally renowned pianist and expert in injury-preventive, well-coordinated piano technique, offers immersion training in the fundamental principles of good coordination of the whole body at the piano. The substance of the Workshop is drawn from the Lister-Sink Method, a scientifically informed and research-validated means of teaching injury-preventive technique as demonstrated on the national award-winning and internationally acclaimed DVD, Freeing the Caged Bird. Click for Bio

WORKSHOP TOPICS • Core principles of injury-preventive biomechanics • Optimal skeletal alignment and efficient muscle through kinesthetic awareness • How the body and the instrument work most efficiently together • Discovering & eliminating habitual inefficient body-use patterns • Learning the Basic Stroke™ —fundamental sensations and coordinations of sound production — through the Lister-Sink Method • History of keyboard technique Alexander Technique Instruction Daily Taught by Susan Perkins, (M.M., M.AmSAT), certified Alexander Technique teacher and professional violinist .

Our 2020 VIRTUAL Workshop included performers, independent teachers, college faculty, graduate and undergraduate piano and organ students from the US, Turkey, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, England, and China! Register Here

For More Information & To Register Contact: David Holter at or text 252-717-3876 Tuition: $425 + $50 Application Fee

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