Virtual Musicale Thursday 10/8

Dear GMG Friends,

Our Virtual Musicale tomorrow starts at 11 a.m..  We will enjoy music and a presentation by Ms. Shoko Tanaka.

Date/Time:  10/08/2020 11 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


J. Michael Brounoff Franz Schubert Sonata in A-Minor, D. 784, i. Allegro Giusto12.5

Natale Farrell Nikolay Kapustin1937-2020Sonatina Op. 1004

Shoko Tanaka Johannes Brahms1833 - 1897Intermezzo in A major Op.118 No.26.5

Utako Tanigawa Domenico Scarlatti1685-1757Sonata K.27/L.4492

You can still sign up to play!

Presentation by Shoko Tanaka " Piano in my life"  outline

  • Difference between Japan and the US 

  •  Found a core value in myself - playing music for "somebody".  

  • Another new idea on playing piano: The most important thing is to enjoy it. 

  • GMG gave me a chance and inspiration. Even though I have a busy life. 

All the participants will discuss how much important roles music plays  in our lives.

Please sign up at

Zoom link at the sign up page.

See you tomorrow at 11 a.m.!


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