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Virtual Musicale on June 25 - Chopin

We had nine attendees - Fran, Fuling, Ed, Richard, Maggie, Judy, Jimmy, Arlene, and Utako.

Maggie played Chopin Ballade #4, which was a very difficult piece musically and technically. She said it's WIP but she was capturing the music well and had beautiful phrases. Utako played Waltz Op. 34 No.1 and Nocturne Op 9 No.1 - both partially. Both were not ready yet....

Each member expressed their feeling toward Chopin, favorite pieces, and future goal pieces. Fran mentioned that Chopin composed several songs, too, most of which were not known much.

She loves his beautiful melody line and sees his deep personality. Richard likes Fantasy f minor, Sonata, Ballades, and Etudes, Judy's goal is Fantasy-impromptu (and going to Alaska), Arlene loves to play Ballade g minor, Jimmy also likes Fantasy-impromptu as well as Nocturnes.

Since Chopin is one of the most beloved composers, we will have continuing sessions sometime soon.

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