Virtual Musicale Friday 11/13 - Harp!

Virtual Musicale Date/Time:  Friday, 11/13/2020  8 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Special Topic:

"Introduction to Harps and Therapeutic Music" presentation by Julie Harbin Ms. Julie Harbin, BM, MM, NCTM, CMP, who is a Piano Instructor and Harp Certified Music Practitioner will introduce various types of harps, its history and therapeutic experience of Harp music at Emory University Hospital.  She will play several pieces of music for us! Michael Brounoff will play Danse Sacree, Danse Profane, arr. J. Durand which is a Transcription from harp with string orchestra. Please sign up

Zoom link is at the Sign Up Sheet above.

See you on Friday!

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