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Virtual Musicale, 5/28 Thursday 11-noon

My struggles on Chopin Etude Op. 25 No.11 : As said before, I chose this etude because I wanted to tackle a difficult piece during the time I have more time to be home. After almost 2 months of agony, the music still doesn't go anywhere... It's one of the most difficult pieces for me. It's intense and dramatic. It requires strength and dexterity for each finger, which I don't have...

Yesterday, Dr. Chapman gave me great tips to study this piece - practice method, difference in among Henle, Jan Ekier Padelewski editions, in which I found a critical issue. On 5/28, I want to share what I learned.

Gail and Shoko, please share your goal and thoughts on your music you will play on 5/28.

Everyone, Sign up is still open. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at 11 a.m..


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