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Unforgettable memory: 7/7/2017, in St. Petersburg, Russia

It was definitely one of a kind experience. We traveled to St. Petersburg to participate the Piano Bridge Competition. It was one of the hardest trips we've ever had. Here is the story:

First time traveling to Russia, when we arrived in St. Petersburg on 7/4, we were rejected to enter the country because our Visa permission date started the next day, in which we didn't realize at all! We were really afraid of spending over night at the airport but we could get in the country after waiting for four hours to be able to receive temporary visas. Bad start!

There were severe storms next four days. The distances among our hotel, the competition place, and practice place were about 5 miles apart and all the taxis were more than 2 hours waiting due to the weather. So we walked and drenched every day. Three umbrellas were broken due to the strong wind. Finally both of us got sick badly....

Anyway, this is the video that I played Mozart Sonata D major for two pianos with my friend, Chuifun Poon. Unforgettable memory...

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