Thursday, August 6th Virtual Musicale

Topic 1: Your favorite artists and music

Please bring your memory of unforgettable artists and music pieces!

Topic 2: Chopin and the Polish Ex-Pats

Carol will share the research result about the Polish "Pilgrimage" of the 1830s and 40s



Beethoven Sonata Op. 31 No.3 - Utako will share her learning of practicing methods of technically difficult parts.


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Chuifun leaves everyone wanting more!

Seventeen members and a guest from China enjoyed our virtual musicale on October 16. Natale Farrell played Liszt’s devilishly difficult Mephisto Waltz while appropriately attired in a red dress. The h

Please check out your Zoom settings!!!

Update: folks, I am seriously backwards about many things, as I admit in this .pdf, I struggle with it a lot. IF I HAVE THIS BACKWARDS ABOUT THE ORIGINAL SOUND, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I JUST SPENT SOME T