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Special Musicale with Ms. Anna Armstrong on Wednesday, June 17th from 11 am to noon

In this special musical, we will interview Anna, who will share her experiences of her fascinating life - music, career, family and more. Especially, her passion in chamber music. She will discuss about its joy, beauty, and amusement as well as difficulty and difference compared with solo music. She will also talk about Summertrios chamber music organization, in which she is a president. We will have a Q&A time after the interview.

Here is her short bio.

Anna has been playing the piano for most of her life. She accompanied choruses at her high school in Atlanta and was chosen as accompanist for the Georgia All-State Chorus in her senior year. After many years of only occasional playing, she began studying again in 2000, with Glen Eckman of Tucker, GA. In 2012 she discovered Summertrios, a music camp for adult amateurs, and fell in love with chamber music. Upon retiring from public accounting in 2016, she was able to concentrate on her music more seriously. She especially loves playing in duos, trios and quartets as the opportunity presents itself. Anna is now president of the board of Summertrios and a board member of Georgia Musicale Group.

We want to invite not only members but also your friends who are interested in chamber music and her marvelous career as a business owner. The member can sign up for non members with their names and email addresses. Otherwise, Zoom will not recognize the person.

First, we will have music as a regular musicale by our performers, and then interview will be followed. We are looking forward to having you in this special musicale!

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