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Schubert's Life and Music presented by Michael Brounoff - notes written by Tom Slavicek

Franz Schubert Life and Music
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We conducted another wonderful Musicale today. Cloudy skies didn't deter our enthusiasm from enjoying Michael Brounoff's presentation about the life and music of Franz Schubert. We had 14 attendees today, including several of Texas, with two performers: Michael, and Natalle. After a short time of fellowship and updates on what's been happening with us we began with Natale Farrell's interpretation of a partial playing of Schubert's Impromptu Op. 90 No.2. Hers is a "work in progress" and it sounded like she's well on her way to mastering the piece. Good legato throughout and clarity of line as well as dynamics.

Next came Michael's interpretation of Schubert's Klavierstucke No. 2 in E-Flat Major, D. 946. Michael writes; "Although I suspended formal piano study after high school, I continued to play for personal enjoyment, serving as musical director of the satirical review, “Assault and Flattery” in law school. As a practicing attorney, I still found time to direct the music for local productions of Broadway musicals, including Brigadoon, The Fantasticks, Anything Goes, The Grass Harp, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, and Guys & Dolls. I resumed formal piano study at age 53 with Dr. Tamas Ungar of Texas Christian University and—after accepting an appointment as Administrative Law Judge for the Social Security Administration in Syracuse, NY—with Dr. Fred Karpoff of Syracuse University. Transferring back to Dallas, I resumed study with Dr. Ungar. I competed in the Van Cliburn Foundation’s International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs four times, advancing to the semi-final round three times. I have attended Piano Texas Academy and Festival at TCU every year since 2000 except one and won in competition the privilege of concerto performance with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra five times. Recently retired after serving for over 15 years as a federal Administrative Law Judge, I am in the process of becoming a qualified mediator. I live in Plano, TX with my wife of 40 years, Martha Jane, our son, David Franklin, and my piano, a 9-foot Knabe named “Obiwan.”, "

The force was definitely with Michael today. He gave us a presentation of Schubert's biography which can be found on the GMG web site, Member's page.

Michael's "Klavierstucke" No. 2 came off as wonderfully lyrical with a "stormy" interlude after the primary theme, and a "tense and sadly dramatic-sounding" interlude after the second repetition of the primary theme. Michael's musicality shone throughout the piece - nice dynamics and phrasing.

Thank you all for participating today and to our performers! See you next time!

Submitted by Tom Slavicek

"Klavierstucke" by Michael Brounoff

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