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Refresher Course on Zoom Settings

I was helping a member out with finessing their Zoom settings, and thought I would post some info here for those who still have questions:

**** If you don't see the option to turn on original sound, look below to the last screenshot for the "master setting" that allows you this option......*********

First off, here's 2 good videos to watch for a detailed explanation. I think the 2nd one is from earlier this year, and uses an earlier version of zoom, so some windows may look different.

For those of us, like me, who are toggle challenged, here's a couple of screenshots that show the toggle options:

This means Original Sound is turned ON - just click on this bar to turn it off

This means Original Sound is turned OFF - just click on this bar to turn it on

In an earlier version of Zoom, it looked like this - and you can understand the confusion:

This is set to OFF - hit the toggle to turn it ON

For those using an eternal mic (and perhaps this applies even while playing music), here are the advised settings:

Echo cancellation turned off is recommended when you are : wearing headphones; using an external mic; playing music.

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