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Post from 3/2020

Cut and pasted from "Your Voice" 3/2020

Hi fellow members - I live in Cherokee County and am trying to make plans to perform something for the upcoming Concert at the Cherokee Arts Center.  I've been performing in this side of town for a good while now, and I would like to recommend we open the concert with a group, and then keep it really entertaining at the beginning of the program.  I think the people in the audience last year mostly came from Soleil, and I know them well. They are spoiled by having great shows and players at their facility, a great jazz club downtown, and nearby wine garden venues. So we have to rise to the occasion. For the opening, how about the Pachelbel arrangement like Maroon 5 does - with several singers, piano, violin, guitar, do we even have a cellist?

Carol Andrus Wazlavek 2 months ago

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