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Original Sound issues for Ipad and Iphone

I got a chance to look at some "saved" posts on Facebook, and found this one from Dr. Mario Ajero that explains how to adjust your settings on your Ipad or Iphone for Using Original Sound. This seems to have been a continuing issue with our membership, and now I can see why! You have to make adjustments in 2 different places - if you don't do the first one, the 2nd one won't even come up as an option. The first setting to change is outside a meeting - so when you first tap on your Zoom app, there should be a gear icon somewhere - mine is in the top left-hand corner. Select that, then select "Meetings", then scroll down a bit, and there it is - "Use Original Sound". To select it on, tap the slider until you see the green on the left. Done - but also, now when you are actually in the meeting, you need to click on the 3 dots and select it there as well.

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