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October 2020 Online Recital!

Our latest online recital is now live, with a new record of 11 performances! You can listen here:

Our performers would love to have your comments - you can comment at the bottom of the recital page.

Thanks for listening!

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I want to share a couple of nice comments by new members about the October online recital

  • I must say it is nice to put my energy into something other than the craziness we are all living though. I'm happy to see that everyone is still sharing and enjoying interesting music. It's great to hear :-) by Trevin Dye

  • Congratulations to all.  Your performances show many hours of work and love for music.  Encore! by Michael Brounoff


Sam, thank you so much for making GMG recitals successful!!


James Baskerville
James Baskerville
Oct 15, 2020

What a great recital! Everyone was fantastic! Wish that I had been there.

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