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Narrative for August 20, 2020 Virtual Musicale

Presenter: Ed Ewing

Performer: Utako Tanigawa

Listeners: Tom Slavicek, Carol Wazlavek, Kimber Kwiatkowski, Julie Woodall, Shoko Tonaka, Gail Starr, Anna Armstrong, Fran Richards, Pam Martin, Ruth Purcell, Gloria Rockoff, Annette Russo

Ed Ewing began with a presentation of his own art work. Ed's paintings came to life for us as he told the story that accompanied each one. We could see Christina working at the gym where Ed met her. He used charcoal on paper for her beautiful portrait. Several paintings originated from photos that Ed had taken during his travels. We could imagine the two men having the conversation in Guatamala or the Omani women at the mosque. Most of Ed's work today was oil on canvas with vibrant color. The Moroccan shoes would definitely be a bright spot as you walked past them at the market. Then something as ordinary as a pine stump in your yard can become the subject on the canvas. We were left wondering about pteranodon as he flew through the evening sky. Beautiful work Ed, we all enjoyed your art and the stories about each one.

Utako began speaking about Chopin's Etude Op. 25, No.11, Winter Wind. She was expressing the challenge this etude presented. Then Utako played the Beethoven Sonata, Op. 31 No.3. We enjoyed her skillful performance of this Sonata.

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Pamela Martin
Pamela Martin
Aug 20, 2020

Enjoyed the art presentation immensely and yes, Ed's commentary really brought the paintings to life. Was also very inspired by David Watkins' note to Utako regarding the benefits of working on the Chopin Winter Wind etude. Keep at Utako! Sorry I had to leave a little early so I missed the Beethoven performance.


While Ed's artwork is always very enjoyable and beautiful, his explanation really added the appreciation of his work. Everyone truly enjoyed the time together.

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