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"Musical Retirement Planning"

Special Topic: Topic: Visualize Retirement Before You Crunch The Numbers with Ms. Junko Hovarth, CEO Fujiyama Wealth Management.

We had 9 members attend the Musicale today with everyone eagerly awaiting our in-person Musicale at Pianoworks on July 22.

We started off with Judy's performance of Schubert's Andante from Sonata Op.120. She had been playing it for many years, a piece that is full of beautiful melodies and harmonies, and a calming sound. Judy will be playing this at her Washington competition in three weeks from today. Her next piece was Chopin's Mazurka Op. 67 no.4. Quite a contrast to the Schubert, the Mazurka evoked the Polish folk music "mazurka" sound. Nicely balanced rubato and dynamics. Both pieces were well played by Judy.

Next came Utako's performance of Paderewski's Sarabande Op 14 No.2. His music is not performed much today. Paderewski was Poland's first Prime Minister before returning to the piano. The piece evokes the sound of music from earlier centuries. A lovely piece written by him at the age of 24. Utako's playing was balanced with effective dynamics and legato sounds throughout.

Junko made a very interesting presentation about planning for a successful retirement. She presented some through provoking ideas about planning for entering "phase one" of retirement (age 65 to 80), and "phase two" (80 and until end of life). It was a pleasure to have Junko join us today...thank you, Junko!

Tom Slavicek

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