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Incredible pianist, Fujiko Hemming who made a debut at 67 dies at 92

Fujiko Hemming, a classical pianist who released her best-selling debut album in her late 60s, has died at the age of 92. She won many fans with her struggle to overcome adversity and performances that reflected her warm personality.

The Fujiko Hemming Foundation announced on Thursday that she died on April 21 after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March.

Hemming was born to a Swedish father and a Japanese mother. She began studying piano with her mother at the age of five.

Hemming made her debut as a pianist at 17. After graduating from the Tokyo University of the Arts, she moved to Germany when she was 28 to study music and based her activities in Europe.

Hemming fell ill before an important concert and temporarily lost her hearing, but she continued to play the piano.

In 1999, NHK aired a documentary about her turbulent life and attempts to make a comeback. Her debut album, "La Campanella," was released in the same year and sold more than 2 million copies, an unprecedented figure for a classical music album.

The late blooming musician was acclaimed for her interpretations of works by Liszt and Chopin. She performed with internationally renowned orchestras, and continued to play the piano energetically after she turned 90.

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