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GMG Online Recital - 4 days left to submit

We now have 4 brave souls who have submitted performances for the upcoming online recital - you can see the lineup at, the recital submission page. You still have 4 days left to submit something - I will close the recital to submissions at 6AM 5/27/20, and prepare a page here to present the recital so everyone can listen and comment.

All you need to participate is an mp3 recording - videos are optional and should be hosted on youtube. Submitting is easy - actually performing and recording yourself are the hard parts.

Don't be left out! This is your chance to participate in the very first GMG online recital...

- Sam

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The current entries are:

There are currently 6 submitted pieces.

1. Laurie Searle - Pocket Size Clarinet Sonata - Moderato and Mellow (Alec Templeton)

2. Utako Tanigawa - Impromptu Op. 142 No.3 (Franz Schubert)

3. Utako Tanigawa - Sonata Hob:xvi 46 in A-flat major (Joseph Haydn)

4. Sam Smith - Aria from the Goldberg Variations (J. S. Bach)

5. Nico Brett - Études, Op. 25, 1. Étude in Ab Major (Aeolian Harp) (Frédéric Chopin)

6. Richard Bishop - Beethoven Sonata opus 10/3 first movement (Beethoven)



Now we are up to 5 people in the online recital - keep them coming!


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