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GMG Online Recital #1 - May 27th 2020

The first GMG Online Recital is now available for listening at

We had seven performers playing a variety of music and styles. Please listen and make your comments on this blog post. The performers would love to hear from you.

Thanks for listening!

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September Online Recital now "live"!

The 5th GMG online recital is now ready for listening. Check it out here: Recital #5 September 2020. Our performers would really like to receive your comments, even if it is just a short "Loved it!".

Narrative for the 8/12/2020 Musicale via ZOOM

Players/Presenters: Nico Brett, Maggie Frick, Carol Wazlavek Listeners: Ed Ewing, Fran Richards, Tom Slavicek, Shoko Tanaka, Utako Tanigawa, Kelly Brett, Jason Brett Nico started the afternoon by desc


I suffer TERRIBLY with ear worms.  Since most of the time I am hearing student level work, my ear worms mostly (and unfortunately) consist of selections like “The Magical, Mystical Unicorn”, and some more complex pieces like “Maple Leaf Rag”, but include the same mistakes they make week after week!  Listening to our member’s selections was a welcome relief, and I have been delighting in recognizing each new ear worm as I become aware of them.  Some of them are quite handy as they serve as “the theme music” of a specific task at hand - a few weeks ago I was hoeing a difficult hillside endeavoring to grow wildflowers....admittedly with a bit of attitude...., and Utako’s Chopin Etude proved very conducive to my physical challenge!

So, thank you…


Because this Haydn Sonata is recorded at the second round of Washington International Piano Art Competition last year, you hear some noises, although I was not ready to play this piece.

As Sam said, Haydn is one of under-recognized great composers.


Sam, First and foremost, thanks for taking the leadership on this Online Recital project. I truly appreciate your diligent and organized approach. This is definitely a GMG's new milestone. Thanks!



Carol, Not only the music, your presentation on YouTube is professionally done! Beautiful images will go with your soothing music very well!



Goldberg variations is my favorite Bach piece, it's so difficult! When one of the contestants at Tchaikovsky competition played it, the jury members were stunned by his boldness. As you say, it doesn't become music. Both hands are talking each other with good balance. I like your approach. Wonderfully done. Thanks!

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