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GMG Interview Series – Kimber Kwiatkowski

Kimber knew she wanted to play the piano when she was 5 years old. Her aunt played the piano, and she loved to sit on the piano bench while her aunt played. However, the wisdom of the day suggested it was better to wait until about third grade to be ready to take piano lessons. At last, Kimber began her lessons and became very accomplished. She also learned to play the organ. In her interview, Kimber shares one of those embarrassing moments that we all have at some time during a performance. In college, Kimber was a piano performance major. After that, she went to law school, and her law career was about 25 years. Kimber was ready to get back to the piano, and she has a piano studio out of her home where she teaches her students. She is also one of the very active members of GMG. We all enjoy Kimber’s performances, and we enjoy having her as a member of GMG.

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Shoko Tanaka
Shoko Tanaka
17 oct 2021

It was great to know more about you, Kimber!

Me gusta
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