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GMG Interview Series-Asa Williams

At an early age, Asa became fascinated with the pipe organ in church. Then at age 6, he began piano lessons. Since his parents were in the air force, he moved many times, which also resulted in 13 piano teachers. In 5th grade, he learned to play the clarinet. Then he taught himself to play the bassoon in 8th grade. Asa spent 3 summers at the Jr. Conservatory Camp of Music in Vermont. In the interview you can find out about his first piano competition. He was advised to go to the New England Conservatory of Music to major in theory and composition. That choice did not work out as expected so after a year, Asa went to the University of Texas to get his degree in piano. He was not accepted into the masters program due to an arm injury. So now, Asa needed another career choice. Accounting. He spent 35 years with the IRS. As the interview continues, we find out how Asa got involved with GMG and his favorite GMG memory at Spivey Hall. Please listen to his interview to fill in the details. Asa is a very talented musician, and if you haven’t heard him play, you are in for a real treat.

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