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GMG Features Jun Fujimoto

September 18, 2021

This afternoon, fourteen GMG members enjoyed a delightful hour with

Jun Fujimoto. He is a pianist and District Manager, Institutional

Solutions Group, Western Region at Yamaha Corporation of America.

Jun was born in Ontario, Canada. He began studying piano with the

Suzuki method. His study of music continued at the Beckett School of

Music, the University of Toronto, and the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Summer festivals were also an important part of his learning. Some of

the festivals he attended were Piano Texas, Orford Musique, Summer

Music Banff Center, and Music in Owatona.

At a critical point in Jun’s life, he had to decide if he was to continue

as a performer or go into the business side of the music industry. He

chose to go into the business end of music. His career went from

working in a record store in college to his current position, District

Manager, Institutional Solutions Group, Western Region at Yamaha

Corporation of America. It was important to Jun to stay connected

with real musicians in his work. Along with his career, Yun wanted to

continue piano performance and has performed at various amateur

piano competitions. Jun also performed Prelude Op 10 by Melanie Bonis

and Ravelle’s Noctuelles for us which he had prerecorded.

Finally, Jun discussed the differences between the Yamaha and the

Bosendorfer. The goal for the Yamaha is to be an instrument of power

and projection. On the other hand, the Bosendorfer is meant for

smaller venues, so does not have the same power as the Yamaha. Yet,

both are beautiful instruments in their own right.

Thank you to Mr. Jun Fujimoto for taking us on such an interesting

journey of your study of music and your career with Yamaha today.

Thank you also to Dr. Utako Tanigawa for arranging this event for


Please check out the entire presentation. -> members only -> Guest presentation

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