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Fascinating presentation by Pam Martin on 12/3

(Written by Kimber Kwiatkowski) A dozen members gathered on December 3 for Pam Martin’s presentation of her mother’s life and music. The presentation, which Pam previously gave at the annual GMTA conference, chronicled Winifred Hyson’s long life in which she studied piano, flute, and voice. She was also an avid reader, loved poetry, and had a reverence for nature. A magna cum laude graduate of Harvard in physics and mathematics (Wow!), she lived in Norway, France, and Portugal for part of her life. Upon returning the US with Pam’s father, she began a serious study of music so that she could mentor Pam in her studies. She began composing and received many awards. Another story that would make a great movie! Our pianists were Sabine Walsh playing her Royal Conservatory exam pieces (good luck, Sabine!) and Judy Darst playing Schubert and Joplin – delightful!

(Pam Martin's comment) if anyone is interested, although some of the music is out of print, I can supply anyone with copies if they are interested. The Two Below Spread Eagle (the two blues pieces) and the Partita were never published but I have performance ready copies of both.

The full Presentation:

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