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Corona Virus Project

Been working on Beethoven Sonata Op. 10/3 during "lockdown" for the past 7 weeks and here are the results of the first movement... only a little crash and burn in the recap. Some obvious balance issues but I'll take it! Feedback welcome! Trying to get the first movement memorized for next week's Musicale....Next up is finishing the sonata...

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The 5th GMG online recital is now ready for listening. Check it out here: Recital #5 September 2020. Our performers would really like to receive your comments, even if it is just a short "Loved it!".

Players/Presenters: Nico Brett, Maggie Frick, Carol Wazlavek Listeners: Ed Ewing, Fran Richards, Tom Slavicek, Shoko Tanaka, Utako Tanigawa, Kelly Brett, Jason Brett Nico started the afternoon by desc

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