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Corona Virus Project

Been working on Beethoven Sonata Op. 10/3 during "lockdown" for the past 7 weeks and here are the results of the first movement... only a little crash and burn in the recap. Some obvious balance issues but I'll take it! Feedback welcome! Trying to get the first movement memorized for next week's Musicale....Next up is finishing the sonata...

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Narrative for the 8/12/2020 Musicale via ZOOM

Players/Presenters: Nico Brett, Maggie Frick, Carol Wazlavek Listeners: Ed Ewing, Fran Richards, Tom Slavicek, Shoko Tanaka, Utako Tanigawa, Kelly Brett, Jason Brett Nico started the afternoon by desc


Richard Bishop
Richard Bishop
May 14, 2020

Thanks for the feedback Abbie and Carol.

Carol- interesting re: John Perry re the Sfz on the measure 4 As. it's in the urtext additions and every recording. I'll have to see what he does there.. Sokolov makes it more bell like which is really nice. There are a lot of Sfz interruptions in this so I think it's very purposeful throuhgout... Now to speed it up a bit without it going sideways. on the unevenness, I've done every rhythm variariant. Overall, it needs more time to "marinate" given the pace I was trying to learn it..


Quite charming. I had to look at the articulation for the theme, I see now it's a pesky 2 note phrase right at the beginning - I think you're trying so hard to not hit the 2nd note/downbeat harder that you're backing off of the 1st note. I'd "edge it up" a little more, and every time it repeats. There's some occasional evidence of weaker fingers in the scale passages, my favorite technique to improve this is slow, deliberate practice changing the rhythm up (I like high-finger articulation but a lot of people dispute this). For the ending, I would suggest you plan out your crescendo once you start the "noodle" measures - if you're supposed to be FF b…


Abbie Hattauer
Abbie Hattauer
May 13, 2020

Thank you for sharing this, Richard. You have spent your time wisely! Spirited and well played with excellent sound quality.

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