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Competition for Collaborative Pianists

Message from Sam Smith -

It's in Newnan, a competition for collaborative pianists. I attended the last one (I was actually the page turner) and it was fantastic. They have a string quartet that they use for the instrumentalists, so one day is all solo piano, one day is solo string with piano, and the final is quintets. Very interesting. Here is the web page:

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Gail Ravin Starr
Gail Ravin Starr
Mar 11, 2022

I actually used to babysit for Charlie Wadsworth’s little daughter in the 1980s when I was in college in NYC! I worked for his ex-wife at YCA and since I wanted to earn extra $$ in the evenings, she’d hire me to babysit. 😂😂😂. They had TWO concert grands in their apartment, but I couldn’t play them because the little girl had to go to 🛌 sleep quite early.

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