Chopin & Christmas Music

Nine music lovers gathered Thursday morning to enjoy a virtual musicale featuring the music of Chopin, as well as several Christmas pieces. Four of those in attendance performed:

Shoko Tanaka played Chopin's Ballade #3 in A flat major, an exciting piece she played not only with abundant feeling, but also by memory.

Utako Tanigawa treated listeners to part of Chopin's Sonata op. 58, which she is reworking with regard to fingering. Utako said the piece is in the beginning stages of learning, thought she played masterfully.

Julie Harbin gave everyone a delightful "taste" of harp music when she performed the Christmas carol "O Holy Night." Julie explained that has been playing harp in several Atlanta-area hospitals, and that the feedback she receives from hospital workers and visitors has been very positive. Comments like, "That's so soothing," have come her way.

Judy Manganiello jazzed it up a bit with a piece from Vince Guaraldi (of Charlie Brown fame) called "Christmas Is Coming", a song from the book "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Also in attendance were Carol Wazlavek, Asa Williams, Georgina Levery, Ed Ewing and Natale Farrell.

Our next musicale will be Thursday, Dec. 31, at 11 a.m., with Beethoven as the theme, though attendees are welcome to play any music.

The next on-line recital is scheduled for January 15.

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