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A wonderful virtual musicale that "Zoom"-ed along beautifully!

Due to COVID, our musicales have successfully moved online. Thursday, May 28th was another example of how we are all enjoying these gatherings.

Utako shared the amazing amount of progress she has made in a few short weeks since beginning to study the Chopin Etude op. 25, #11. This etude is especially challenging and, like all the energetic etudes, can result in tense wrists and tired fingers way before the end of the piece. Utako's fluid technical expertise was a delight to listen to.

Arlene Martinides has truly mastered her movement of Debussy's Estampes (les Jardins sous la Pluie), and even on Zoom, she brought out the fluid, singing line through the tricky repeated notes.

Shoko Tanaka's 1st movement of the Beethoven Sonata in f minor, Op. 2 was energetic and spot-on, both technically and musically. (And, little Sean made a brief appearance and was delightful, too!).

Richard Bishop shared some of the technically tricky segments of the Beethoven Sonata that he recorded for our Online Recital. His suggestions regarding memorization and metronome practice were gratefully appreciated.

Gail Starr shared her Chopin Waltz, Op. 42 that is still a work in progress. Everyone offered valuable suggestions on areas to work on. Thank you!

Even though Anna Armstrong didn't have time to stay for the whole session, we look forward to hearing her next time.

I am personally SO grateful to Utako and the whole group for allowing me the opportunity to start playing solo repertoire again, after years and years of only sight-reading chamber music and accompanying students for fun. I'm learning so much from everyone and am inspired to keep practicing.

Looking forward to hearing everyone next time!

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