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A Pre-Chopin Competition Performance

Fifteen members gathered together via Zoom on August 18, 2021 for our virtual musicale. All were treated to a program played by David Lee and Carl Di Casoli, friends of Utako who will be competing at the Fryderyk Chopin International Competition for amateur pianists in Warsaw in September. David played works by Chopin, Paderewski, and Liszt. He wowed the audience with his pianism and hyper-flexible thumb! Carl followed with two Chopin Polonaises. The audience was wowed once again by his completely relaxed demeanor and tremendous stamina. David is a software engineer raising twin 4-year-olds. Carl is a director of biostatistics and has won prizes at no less than six piano competitions in 2020 alone! Many thanks to David and Carl for sharing a portion of their programs with us, and we wish them well in Warsaw. The only question is how do they find time to practice?

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