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I want to dedicate this post to Utako. She has been urging me to post a blog, so here goes. While many of you have been refining your musical pieces, I have been working many hours at Kroger without much time to practice my music.

It has been interesting to watch this crisis unfold since about the middle of March when the schools closed. People panicked, leaving grocery store shelves empty in many places. Grocery carts were piled with full boxes of Ramen soup, frozen pizzas, canned food, frozen food, junk food, wine, etc. Anything that could be packed in that cart was piled in every nook and cranny, just in case. The floral department was deemed nonessential, so a few of us helped in other areas as needed. Pickup orders skyrocketed, so I spent a lot of time gathering them. People waited a week to get their orders. It was crazy. Then there were limits on items like paper products, meats, and milk. Some products are still in short supply, but the shelves look much better. Our lives can change so quickly.

On another topic, I have been watching some birds nesting around the house. I've been watching a pair of cardinals, build the nest, lay eggs, and watch the fledglings grow. The nest is in a Japanese Quince right outside the window, so it is easy to see the progress of the cardinals. Both Mom and Dad feed the babies. Now I can see the feathers on the birds. There are birds nesting in one of the Boston Ferns on the porch as well. This happens every year. I've also been watching the bluebirds going in and out of one birdhouses.

My work hours should cut back now, so I can get back to other activities, especially practicing the music. I'm looking forward to it.

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Dear Annette, Thank you so much for sharing your experience at Kroger's from the worker's standpoint. It's great to know how you see the customers. Since the last couple of months, the world changed so quickly and people were panicked. Thanks for working hard to provide supplies and service as much and quick as possible to the customers.

Also thanks for posting the beautiful flowers!


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