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5/21 Virtual Musicale and Socialize Meeting

Thursday, 5/21 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. by Zoom

Upon your signing up through Virtual Musicale on "Members Only" page, you will receive an invitation.

Performance: (we still have room for your performance)

Maggie : Chopin, Ballade No.4 and

Nancy: Copeland, The cat and the mouse


Sam: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice - and Research" Fun facts! I have extracted the solo piano recital programs and sifted and sorted the data to answer some questions, such as: - Who are the top 20 piano composers? - What are the top 20 pieces performed? - Can we compare recitals from the 19th century and today? - Who was the last great composer/performer? Sam will take your questions!

Carol: 101 "Recording and uploading your music - Easy!"

1. Capture your performance  on your iPhone using the camera app

2. Edit out beginning and end with your camera app 3. Publish it to YouTube

Please join us! If you have a question, contact at

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