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Zoom musicale takes off

Zoom Musicale—June 11,2020

Our musicale/conversation session today was fun. We had seven members in attendance. Utako played Chopin’s Etude, Opus 10, No. 12 beautifully. Julie played the Finale to Schumann’s Abegg Variations.

We talked about what pieces we were working on, and we had a discussion on how many pieces we study at a time. Answers ranged from 2 pieces to 20! Carol said that she works on the pieces that her students are playing so she can help them more and stay fresh. Jimmy talked about working on hand position and hand independence. Some members talked about reviewing pieces that they have perfected once a week to keep from losing them.

Carol and Jimmy discussed making an audio recording and adding video. They know their stuff!

We look forward to hearing Utako interview Anna next week about her life and musical experiences. Please join us!

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