Virtual Musicale, Friday 10/16

"Art of Accompanying" presentation by Chuifun Poon

Chuifun is an excellent solo pianist as well as professional accompanist for concerto, vocal, and instrumentalists. At Piano Texas festival and competition, she has been playing the orchestra part for the competitors for the last 25 years. Her repertoire extends more than 50 concertos. She will talk about the art of accompanying.

Tom Slavicek will play her father, Bedrich Slavicek's composition, Impromptu.

Natale Farrell, Liszt, First part of Mephisto Waltz

Utako Tanigawa, Chopin Etude Op. 25 No.1

We still have a room for a couple more performers. Please sign up at Membership Only -> Virtual Musicale sign up or, if you want to perform or listen.

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