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Virtual Is The Next Best Thing To Being There!

In these trying times, where it’s hard to tell what to be worried about the most …. contracting a deadly virus, financial ruin because of all the business shutdowns, or being fatally wounded by overzealous law enforcement, I’ve found that listening to Scarlotti sonatas can be very therapeutic. They are short (only a couple of minutes long), only one movement, and very peaceful and melodic. There are over 500 of them, yet all so different. They are full of beautiful trills, creative use of repetitive notes, and interesting themes. If one can locate or create a CD of about 20 of them, then it’s the perfect thing to listen to while driving, thinking, eating, painting, etc. They will definitely put one in a tranquil frame of mind! I’m very impressed with the way that Utako is managing to inspire this group to continue to create such lovely music in spite of all of the not so beautiful things that have been going on around us. I miss all of my pianistic friends and hope to be able to join everybody in an online musicale sometime in the near future when my work schedule permits. Until then, keep that beautiful music flowing!

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Judy Manganiello
Judy Manganiello
Jul 14, 2020

Utako, I am also learning Schubert’s Impromptu No. 3! Super coincidence! I look forward to our next online musicale.


Dear Jimmy, Thanks for such a wonderful writing! Although this is uncertain, terrible time, we can still love and enjoy music. We are lucky...

Our Virtual Musicales and Online Recitals are not like live music at the places we get together, but we can do our best with the current environment. I will look forward to listening to your music at musicales or recitals.

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