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Recording a Video using a Windows 10 Laptop

Want to participate in the GMG online recital? Have a laptop running Windows 10 with a built in camera and microphone? Here is a very basic option.

Find the “Camera” program and start it. It should be in <Start> (the Windows icon in the lower left corner) and then <Camera>. If your camera is working, you should see yourself in the window.

Make sure you have it set to video. On the right side, there are icons for “Photo” and “Video”.

Test it! Click on the icon on the right for the movie camera and it should start recording. Say something to test the audio. To stop the video, click the big red square button.

The video you just took shows up as an icon in the bottom right of the window. Click on it and it should expand to fill the window. Click play and watch and listen to the video.

Where is the file? There should be 3 little dots in the top right corner (the “more” menu) of the window. Click that and select <Open folder>. That opens the folder that contains your video file. You can upload that file to youtube and use it as the video for your online recital. Save the link to the youtube video and use it during the submission process.

Now comes the hard part - actually playing and recording yourself! Of course, this is a very basic option - but it will make a simple video that you can use for the recital.

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