My Current Learning List and Progress

After the Pandemic, I decided to learn some pieces that I've never thought I could learn.

I chose

- Chopin Etude Op. 25 No.11 Winter Wind

- Chopin Sonata Op. 58 b minor Finale

- Mendelssohn Sonata Op. 6 3rd and 4th movements

All of them are quite difficult technically and musically besides they require big hands (as you know, I don't haven them). Well, I started practicing extremely slowly for several measures a day. After three weeks, I still need to read notes very carefully especially, Etude ( I can play the first 4 measures at the tempo!). I still play extremely slow, but I finally read the music from the beginning to the end. I will never choose those pieces for competitions or concerts but they are great stretch to possibly expand my capability 1%(??). Without cancellations of the GMG activities, I've never been able to tackle them...

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