Message from Monique

Dear All, It is nice to hear from you in this crazy time. As some of you might remember, I had an accident involving glass and my hand in December and had related nerve surgery in January. I was in a cast and sling and then a splint and didn’t drive for 10 weeks. Unfortunately my freedom finally came just weeks before quarantine took it away again.  Life has been very crazy in 2020. I have not been practicing.  On the plus side, with the help of my parents, I bought a house in East Atlanta. We moved last Tuesday and, unfortunately, we haven’t had hot water since and are dealing with that nightmare. So still no practice.  I hope to have you over in my new home some day. It has a finished basement with a separate entrance coming in from a big backyard. It has a modest “salon” room with my grand and a separate room for teaching that has an upright and two keyboards. I look forward to everything being unpacked so that things feel settled down.  Happy Practicing and stay safe, Monique

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