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May 7 Virtual Musicale

The May 7th virtual musicale started with a friendly sharing time. Then we heard selections from Bach's French suite in b minor, beautifully performed by Maggie. Arlene played "Gardens in the Rain" by Debussy. She did a wonderful job. Julie started playing Schumann's Abegg Variations, but stopped because the piano sounded very bad over the Zoom application. Utako is trying very hard to help us in connecting to Zoom so that it doesn't sound "tinny."

Sam Smith, who is in charge of Online Concerts, gave a very informative demonstration on how to record and send your recording for the online concerts. Then, Carol Wazlavek instructed us on how to upload our own music to Youtube. We certainly have a lot of smart people in our group!

Fourteen people attended this informative and fun musicale.

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Julie, Thanks for writing this sweet narrative. Music in Zoom is not perfect, but in the current situation, we want to utilize the Zoom application to communicate with others and share music. If you need help for setting a better sound, or how to download/login to our virtual musicale, please contact me. We will set up a time to go through it step by step.



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